Birthing Your Dreams

 Birthing is for everyone! If you’re male, I hope you don’t stop reading.

The metaphor of giving birth is an apt one. Manifesting what we want in life often brings “labor pains”. Rarely does something just fall into our laps. The process involves:

  • setting our intentions,
  • making plans,
  • sorting through options,
  • problem solving issues,
  • ironing out unforeseen complications,
  • changing direction, and
  • managing success when it comes.

And it will come if you are a diligent “midwife“! It takes patience and perseverance. Having a healthy dose of support from friends and family boosts you through the birth canal.

Our dreams become “still-born” if we succumb to pitfalls such as the following:

  • Thinking that the bumps along the way mean your idea is not worth it. That’s life! All good things involve wrestling with problems and learning from mistakes.
  • Giving in to “nay-sayers.” Often we encounter people who offer doom and gloom because of their own fears,  insecurities, or jealousies.  Don’t allow others to have that much power over you. Separate out these folks from the solicited advice you seek from trusted people.
  • Succumbing to your personal insecurities. Know what they are and how to manage them. For example, if change is difficult for you, when the anxiety starts remind yourself that it’s just about change and you always get over it when you push through it.
  • Getting bored with it. If this is your issue, find ways to make it interesting. You could make a game of it or find a “coach” who can keep challenging you with mini-goals. Success will make you glad you stuck with it.
  • Having perfectionist expectations. This can keep anyone going in circles since there is no such thing as “perfect.” You have to know when to let it be rather than continuing to revise or work at something. Again, having a mentor or coach can help you know that your dream really is ready to be born.

As any mother would say, giving birth is a lot of work but it’s all worth it in the end!


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