Compromise and Letting Go

Having to be right is a tremendous liability in relationship building.  It is a sure fire way to block any ability to negotiate and compromise.

It is normal and human to think your way is best and why doesn’t the rest of the world see it? 🙂 We each have our own unique lens that we see the world through. However, we benefit when we can be flexible and value how others see things as well.

Many times when people are rigid in having to be right, it is rooted in how punished they were for being “wrong” (e.g. making mistakes) when they were young.

Our perspective shifts when we can acknowledge that we all see the world differently and that isn’t a bad thing. Opening to curiosity about how others see things goes hand in hand with building tolerance. This encourages seeing life as a learning opportunity, and takes the emphasis off having to know everything. When you think about it, having to “be right” is a tremendous pressure.

Compromise entails a willingness to give and receive. When giving and receiving is done mutually, we can let go of what we want sometimes without resentment or feeling taken advantage of. We know that it’s in our best interests for our partners to be happy, so we’re happy too. However, if one person is always the giver, this gums up the relationship gears.

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