Confusion and Discerning Your Truth

Anytime you feel puzzled or confused, start to listen for what those emotions are saying to you and find the teaching. They signify that something needs your attention. I believe we always gain when we stop to figure out what is nagging at us. When we ignore it, we always lose some part of ourselves.

Confusion or puzzlement is the part of our psyche that jumps up and says “Wait a minute! You need to think about this!” The very act of stopping to think about what underlies any emotion helps us build a stronger sense of ourselves and increase our self-confidence. We need this strong dialogue within ourselves. We flourish when we learn to tap into what we know, our inner wisdom, our voice.

Scientists’ discovery that we know more than we have given ourselves credit for is illustrated by research on the body’s response to ideas and questions. The science of applied kinesiology has developed from the recognition that our bodies know truth when it is presented. It is important to develop trust within yourself of what you know.

When you do not listen to what you know, your body alerts you in subtle or not so subtle ways. Feelings of dis-ease in your body become disease and illness.

Good resources are:

The Body Never Lies: The Lingering Effects of Cruel Parenting by Alice Miller

Power vs. Force: The Hidden Determinant of Human Behavior by David Hawkins


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