Launching into New

I recently became a grandma for the first time! Spending time with my daughter and new grandchild has been wonderful. It has slowed down my writing, but the rewards are worth it.

This experience has led me to contemplate afresh what happens when we start anything new. No matter how much we want something, it is never possible to completely plan it or anticipate how it will change our lives. Reality always has a slightly different face than we imagined!

Whether it’s being a new parent,  starting a new career, taking a long trip, going into retirement, or any one of a million new possibilities – here are some thoughts on adjustment.

  • Planning is a good thing, but always leave room for “life” to happen. We can’t completely plan everything no matter how hard we try. Predict that there will be frustrating moments that don’tt go according to schedule and try to flow with it. Trusting everything will be okay is harder for some of us than others. Not looking at it as a personal failure because “shit happened” helps immensely!
  • When the inevitable unpredictables occur, do an attitude adjustment if you are “catastrophizing”. Look for the good in everything. It’s hiding in most things. When you can’t find anything good, look for any life lessons or growth that is happening for you.
  • Any new thing takes time to adjust and become familiar, even those things we strongly desire. Don’t let temporary discomfort or mixed feelings fool you into thinking there is something wrong. You’re just having a perfectly normal, human experience! 
  • Stay in the moment, rather than focusing on what you wish you had done or how you want it to be in the future. Commiserating about the past wastes present moments and doesn’t change anything.  We can’t know everything, so try some “radical acceptance” of that! On the other hand, we miss out on precious moments by wishing for time to go faster so that some desirable thing will happen. Focus on what you can appreciate today.
  • Know that nothing lasts forever, and that certainly includes adjustment periods! All things become more comfortable given time. Trust that you’ll learn the new skill, routine, or whatever you’re faced with. One day at a time!

Blessings to you on whatever new is unfolding in your life!



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