Marriage Counseling

Relationship counseling for married or unmarried couples can revitalize commitment and promote increased happiness and joy. I work with couples to help them more fully experience their love for one another by:

  1. identifying and strengthening their common values,
  2. learning more effective ways to communicate, and
  3. finding a good balance between acceptance and change work.

Couples’ counseling often involves identifying behavior learned in families of origin that are affecting the relationship, and negotiating changes that feel compatible for both. Relationship counseling begins with an assessment phase, during which I see the couple together for one session, separately for one or two sessions, and then together to hear my summary and recommendations for their work together.

If you are wondering if your relationship could benefit, I encourage you to call. Marriage counseling can be very effective except in cases where the partners have waited until there is too much resentment built up. The excess resentment can reduce the motivation for one or both of the partners to work on the relationship.

I also do pre-marital counseling for partners who want to establish a healthy framework from the beginning.